Good food

I cook almost every day so I decided to start a blog that will feature the faster food aspect of my culinary hobby. One does not have to spend hours in the kitchen to fashion a good, tasty meal. I will be posting recipes for food that is easy to make and is not featured in your usual cookbooks. So check it out ’cause maybe you’ll find something you will like.  🙂



A short excerpt from the book I am writing

“Daisy named the baby Tristan. We thought it was after the legend of Tristan and Isolde but she said it was after the Legends of the Fall. Mother was confused and I explained to her that Tristan was a fictional book character played in a movie by a very handsome Brad Pitt. Mother was not pleased as she still holds a grudge against Pitt over his break up with Jennifer Aniston. One would think she knew them all personally! I miss hanging out with Klaus. Sex ruins everything. I asked him how he was doing and he said he was sowing his wild oats as instructed by me. I think he said it to hurt me but there was no spite in his eyes. I told him that he needs not share details with me.

I forgot to take the romance book to Mrs. Banfree. I’ll do it tomorrow. She’ll make me read it out loud so I better stock up on antacids to prevent becoming nauseated from all the unrealistic love happenings.”



This poem just bloomed out of haiku 131. Without any effort or pain that often accompanies a creative birth – it became. The love and emotional pain that brew it happened many years ago though, and this is just the thought, or rather feeling, verbalized.

Book of memories

Opened wide on my table.

You on every page.

And day in, and day out

Can’t save my thoughts

Held mercilessly

In this paper cage.

And even if all the souvenirs

Vanish one day

Slaughtered by old age,

Your smile

Will still linger in my heart

That is your forever stage.